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3rd European Road Safety Campaign

Published on 15/09/2005

For the third time, European Red Cross National Societies are promoting road safety awareness and first aid skills in the framework of a big campaign. Co-funded by the European Commission and supported by Toyota, this campaign mainly consists of a Tour in Europe with four vehicles simultaneously travelling throughout each participating country. On its journey, each car joins staff and volunteers of the 24 European Red Cross National Societies involved in the campaign to deliver road safety messages and to teach first aid techniques in public places.

Over 100 people die each day on Europe’s roads, the equivalent of one person every 12 minutes. Therefore, in line with their humanitarian and life-saving work, the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies wish to contribute to a reduction in the number of people injured and killed in road accidents by raising awareness of road safety and by training people in simple first aid techniques in order they be able to save lives.

The campaign vehicles begun their journey on 14 June in Portugal, Malta, Poland and Greece and after having visited several countries, they will meet in Brussels for the closing event on 13 September. In the framework of this campaign, the Red Cross National Societies focus their activities on the target audiences they believe are most relevant according to the traffic accidents faced in their respective country. Very often, activities are organised for children and young people who are vulnerable: during the tour and on the campaign website children can answer questions on their attitudes towards road safety. The results of this survey will be published on 14 December.

This campaign represents also a good opportunity for Red Cross National Societies to work together, and to involve lots of volunteers. Until now, the drivers’ opinion is unanimous: they underline the way they were welcomed by the local branches. “The local branches were always available, they supported the campaign activities and were ready to share experiences” said Mario, one of the drivers.


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