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Madrid: a city in distress

Published on 06/04/2004

11 March 2004, Madrid is a city in distress: 190 people were killed and 1400 were wounded in the attack, a series of explosions.

The Spanish Red Cross showed the quality and efficiency of its emergency systems by quickly obilizing lots of volunteers: during the first two days after the disaster, 894 volunteers responded to the appeal. On the scene of the attack, 480 first-aid team members worked to help the wounded, evacuate the victims… using 52 ambulances, 26 vehicles as well as material coming from emergency stock (first-aid kits, stretchers, blankets…). The psychological support special units were brought in very quickly, mobilizing 208 volunteers coming from 13 regions. Each team, comprised of between 12 and 14 experts, was at the disposal of victims and families in order to support them (around 1200 requests). Furthermore, the coordination centre, operational 24 hours a day, answered 6017 calls in order to inform relatives, friends…, to deal with external offers of help, notably blood donations. The Spanish Red Cross has also activated its tracing system, by providing a national line and an international number.


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