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Meeting of the First Aid European Network

Published on 21/10/2005

Every year, the members of the First Aid Education European Network meet to debate on first aid issues, to share knowledge, practices and experiences, as well as to draw-up an action plan which includes the follow-up of current activities and new initiatives. This year, the delegates met in Luxembourg from 6 to 8 October 2005 and a new record was established: among the 52 Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies which are members of the Network, 37 were represented! A new thing for this 2005 edition: the symposium was opened to all the other regions of the world, two delegates for each could attend the debates (participation of the following regions: North America, South Asia, Pacific).

As usual, it was full days of work: during plenary sessions, several National Societies presented programmes which are implemented in their country, besides, key topics were introduced such as the European Resuscitation Council guidelines 2005/2006, the European First Aid Certificate, the results of surveys in the first aid field, the follow-up of several projects co-financed by the European Commission. Moreover, delegates could attend numerous workshops which are privileged moments to discuss in small groups and to think about fundamental questions, the themes for this year were: first aid education in schools, training programmes for vulnerable groups, the Automated External Defibrillation, the organisation of the scientific congress 2007,
Community Based First Aid, e-learning, the latest materials becoming available on the market. This year, participants could follow a course on the competence based approach in first aid education, this session was very successful.


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