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This summer, I tan usefully

Published on 01/09/2004

This summer, more than 5 million Parisians and vacationers from all over the world visited ‘Paris-Beach’, an initiative of the Paris City Council that turned the banks of the Seine into a place of leisure. For this operation, that took place from the 20th of July to the 20th of August, the French Red Cross was there for two reasons: to administer first-aid assistance to visitors which mobilised 560 volunteers and to provide First Aid Introductions.

For this second aspect, Paris was not isolated: indeed, as in the previous years, the French Red Cross set up on beaches to teach the vacationers lifesaving procedures via a one hour course and, for the first time, it extended its field of operations to suburbs of big towns to not forget the most disadvantaged. The first-aid classes cover four topics: how to ensure protection, to call for help, to place the victim in a recovery position, to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

By reaching out to holiday makers and people in their home towns and suburbs, the French Red Cross has been able to make First Aid training more accessible to people, and to provide a more relaxed environment for learning. The 2004 edition of the campaign ‘This summer, I tan usefully’ kept its promise: 3325 people were trained and numerous volunteers and local branches participated.


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