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Workshop on disaster self-protection

Published on 01/11/2005

On 25 and 26 October 2005, a workshop which gathered experts in the field of disaster preparedness – members of Red Cross National Societies, governmental organizations and associations – took place in Paris. The results of these two days of exchange and knowledge sharing are essential in the framework of the project managed by the French Red Cross and supported by the European Commission. The project scope is to reduce the consequences of large scale disasters and domestic accidents by informing the public on adequate behaviours
and by designing life-support kits.The symposium enabled to share current practices of each country of the European Union that was represented as well as the experiences of organizations directly involved in the disaster field. Recommendations stemming from the 3 workshops which themes were ‘culture
of risk’, ‘from vulnerability to resilience’, ‘from theory to practice’ will be written in the final report for the European Commission and will be available on several websites. In addition to these working groups, the participants could listen to several high quality presentations in plenary sessions.


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