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Workshop 'First aid education for vulnerable grps'

Published on 06/11/2006

The inaugural meeting of the European Taskforce looking at first aid learning for vulnerable groups took place at the British Red Cross headquarters in London at the beginning of June. Ten Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies took part, all of which are already working to promote first aid learning amongst a variety of vulnerable groups in their countries such as rurally isolated, homeless or people with disabilities. This workshop arose from the decision made at the meeting of the First Aid Education European Network in Luxembourg (October 2005) to set up a taskforce to:

- map current activity and good practices,

- identify appropriate guidelines for working with vulnerable groups by adapting and adjusting the community first aid approach.

The first day of the workshop focused on the theory behind working with vulnerable groups. Breakout groups looked at methodologies and barriers to this work and at how to include it within Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies’ workplans.

On the second day, three different projects were presented about the work to teach first aid to vulnerable groups:

- rural isolation in Armenia;

- the role of urban moderators in inner cities in France;

- people with disabilities in the UK.

There was also a presentation from an external organisation - the Council for National Parks - which has a very successful project working with minority community groups in the UK. The presentation demonstrated that success had relied on the relationships that had been formed and the partnerships developed resulting in strong participation from the target community in the project.

The taskforce agreed to produce a report of the meeting including guidelines and good practices.


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