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Conference on 'Out of Hospital EMS in Europe'

from 14/03/2005 to 15/03/2005 - Paris

Within the framework of the 'HESCULAEP' project, a conference on 'Out of Hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Europe' is organised.

This conference will represent an opportunity for the EMS and their funding agencies, regions and ministries, to share their organizational, financing and evaluation models, to improve the coordination of initiatives and the cooperation, to prepare for new threats that affect the European Union.

The conference will focus on 6 themes:

- Out of Hospital Emergency Medical Services in EU: an overview of existing experiences,

- Improve EMS: the balance between centralising calls and localising resources,

- Local, regional and national initiatives, pilot projects and research programmes in EMS,

- Technologies and innovation in EMS: toward shared standards?

- Toward equity of access to emergency care for the European citizens,

- Integration of EMS in Europe.


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