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Conference on strategies on medical emergencies

from 22/05/2006 to 23/05/2006 - Seville (Spain)

Within the framework of the 'HESCULAEP' project, a second conference is organised; the main theme is 'New architectures and strategies on medical emergencies'.

The following sessions are included in the programme:

- New architectures and strategies on medical emergencies in the European Union: an overview of existing experiences

- Health emergency dispatch centres

- Acute coronary syndrome and registries

- Trauma

- EMS in mass casualties and special events

- Training programmes and certification process in EMS

- Stroke.


HESCULAEP Conference Secretariat

Avenida de la Innovacion s/n

Edificio Arena, 1

41020 Seville


Tel.: +34 902 31 12 05

Fax: +34 902 31 12 06

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